One Step Machine Polish

Level One – Gloss Enhancing Polish

This package is well suited for a daily driven vehicle and ideally performed every 6-8 months. After vehicle is washed the paint will be decontaminated using Detailing Clay. This process removes rust, industrial fallout, paint overspray, and any other substance that won’t be removed by normal washing. This creates an exceptionally smooth surface that will aid in the longevity of the protection that is later applied. Next the vehicle is polished using a rotary buffer in conjunction with a very fine polish and gentle foam pad. Great care is taken to have a consistent removal of fine scratches and give an outstanding gloss to the clear-coat. There will be no holograms or buffer swirls created during this process because of the intentional pairing of polishes, pads, and rotary technique. After the polishing, there will be a residual oil left on the paint that is needed in the product to lubricate the abrasives necessary to refine the finish. This substance will impair the bonding of the protectant, so this extra step of its removal is also included. Finally, the sacrificial coat of sealant is applied to the clean, glossy, bare clear coat of the vehicle giving you 6-8 months of protection against the elements.


Level Two – Scratch Correction

This package is for a paint that needs a little more restoration and could be maintained with Level One after the 6-8 month increment. This correction package goes a step further in removing the defects for your automobile’s finish. Removal of swirls and scratches involves polishing with progressively finer abrasives until the defect is completely removed. This is a time-consuming process but it is the only way to permanently remove the imperfections. The process starts the same with decontamination but a polish with more aggressive abrasives in used to remove moderate scratches, swirls and blemishes. Previous holograms will also disappear with this package. The next steps are identical to the level one process.

Level Three — Intensive

This package is a comprehensive process that involves multiple polishing and some times sanding steps that produce paint that’s ready for a concourse event. This is a in depth correction process that yields a product that is sometimes superior to showroom quality.